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A little about me…

As the title suggests, much of what I talk about here focuses on television, but I actually have a passion for all forms of literature. I’m a member of an online book group on Google Groups; I have over-stuffed bookshelves (thank you, Kindle, for saving me from a painful book clear-out); two cats (nicknamed: Bear & Mai-Mai) and a slight stationary addiction!

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About Mustc TV…

I wanted to create a blog that would be a home to all things “fiction-culture” related. A place to find great fiction recommendations, useful info on all the many new tech/mediums we now use to read and watch and, a space to discuss it all.

I’m particularly fascinated with how books, films and TV series can act as a mirror held up to society, reflecting back what’s going on in our culture. Equally, I’m interested in how what we’re reading and watching (and how we’re doing it) can have the potential to alter us.

In my opinion, a great TV series (read: not all TV dramas are equal!) is as worthy of the status of “literature” as a novel. Both have the power to draw you in, suspend your disbelief, and take you on a journey of escapism to unknown places and situations. Both have the power to evoke strong emotions, explore complex themes and display award-winningly impressive technical skill.

If you’re looking for posts about excellent TV series (of all genres), this blog aims to help!

updated 30 tv shows available now

For TV listings, head over to the 30 Mustc TV Shows Currently Available (Or Coming Soon) Page. If you’re looking for good drama recommendations  – no matter when it aired – take a look at the My Top 30 Mustc TV Shows Page.

You will also (soon) find a wide selection of posts on new mediums and technologies; most-anticipated new/future releases; book-to-screen adaptations, audiobooks and, what popular literature says about our society’s concerns, attitudes and expectations.

I hope you enjoy my blog and I look forward to exploring these topics with you!  

One last thing…

A big thank you to Court Tuttle for all your help when I decided to start this blog and was trying to work out where to even begin. Thanks you for your support and for creating that amazing resource: TheBlogBuilders!

Comments guidance:

I welcome comments and discussion! I want to know what you think about my posts and each other’s comments on them. I’m passionate about quality fiction and I know I’m not the only one! Let’s keep things friendly and respectful though – abusive comments will be removed. I reserve the right to at any time remove/refuse to post comments I consider offensive, malicious, or in any way inappropriate.


All images used on this site are for the purposes of review/recommendation and discussion of the films, television series and books featured. All image’s sources are referenced and linked back to source. Full details of sources are also listed at the end of posts. If you are the copyright owner and you wish your image to be taken down, please contact me and I will remove your image ASAP. As for the images I own, please do not copy, alter, or make use of these images without first contacting me to seek permission.

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